Atlas Professionals

When I was tasked with creating a concept for Atlas Professionals as part of their three-show program, I knew that it needed to be unique and memorable. The focus was on creating a space that would not only attract visitors, but also provide a comfortable and engaging environment for them to interact with the brand.


To achieve this, I designed an inviting stand that combined modern design with natural materials. The stand featured open spaces to welcome visitors, as well as intimate meeting rooms and a cafĂ© area that allowed Atlas Professionals to interact with their customers in a positive and valuable way. Additionally, I incorporated custom graphics and digital displays to showcase the brand’s capabilities and services in a visually appealing way.


The end result was a highly successful stand that not only achieved its goals of attracting visitors and facilitating positive conversations, but also left a lasting impression on those who visited. By creating a space that was both visually appealing and functional, I was able to help Atlas Professionals stand out among the competition and achieve their goals for the three-show program.


Creator, Designer, Director, Maker